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Warning Signs That You Need a Professional Electrician

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Just as electricity is dangerous, electrical issues are as much complicated. Electrical malfunctions are among the leading cause of house fires when left unresolved. According to a research, more than $ 1.3 billion property damage is caused due to house fires caused by electrical malfunctions. Thus make sure that you electrical systems are running efficiently to keep you and your family safe.

Some electrical issues are small that they can be fixed on our own but some issues can be problematic and require the assistance of professional electricians. So if you’re dealing with something more than a simple repair and maintenance, then hiring a professional electrician in Kashmir will always be the best choice.

However, to make your work easier, we’re listing some warning signs telling you to go for the professional help for sure!

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1. Exposed Wiring-

Whenever electric wiring is uncovered be it an open link that hasn’t been properly boxed or maybe some wiring that has come out of its protective covering, it becomes a safety hazard for everyone in the home. It must to be resolved immediately for everyone’s safety and the security of your home. You’d be surprised at how fast something simple can get out of control when it comes to wiring. Don’t wait to find out for yourself. Call an electrician immediately.

2. Burning Smell-

If you notice a burning smell anytime you use any appliance or outlets in your home, you must stop it and immediately disconnect the electricity. This burning smell could be the start of a wire short that is going to ignite and create an adversity if left unsettled. As a precaution, you must look for the black, burning marks to check the source of the problem, feel the walls around the area to make certain that they aren’t hot to the touch, which can otherwise indicate a fire that has started in the walls.

3. Sparking Switches-

Sparks might seem like a simple issue that doesn’t deserve concern, but whenever there are sparks, it implies that there is a serious risk of an electrical short. This is most commonly seen when plugging or unplugging things from the sockets, but it can also happen with switches and other electrical fixtures, as well. If there are sparks, you need to stop using that particular socket, switch, or fixture and call for a professional repair as soon as possible.

4. Flickering Lights

This typically seems like a non-threatening issue to most homeowners with several people spending years living with them without knowing that this could be an indicator that there is a short in the system or that the system simply is overloaded with way too many devices. Either way, you must get it addressed immediately.

Electrical work is something you should never just “wait and see” what happens because the risk of fire, shock, and other potential hazards is very high. If you experience any of the above-mentioned events, you must immediately contact a qualified electrician right away to have the issue attended and properly resolved right away.

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