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Tips To Make Hair Color Last Longer

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Hair can change your boring persona into a more dramatic one. So why not be a little experimental with it? The best way to have a diva look is to change your hair color. A change in hair color allows you to play with your looks without affecting the length of your hair. 

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When it is about your hair never settle for less. Since a dramatic change in hair color requires chemical treatment, you must get it done by a professional. Today we are going to share a few tips that you should consider after your hair color. These tips are going to make your hair color long-lasting. Take a break and scroll to enjoy this read:

1. Avoid shampoo right away: 

Your hair color resolves into the hair over 24 hours. Even after washing your hair the color keeps working for the next few hours. Using shampoo will not allow the dye to settle well leading to the fading of hair color. For long-lasting hair color wait at least for 24hrs. On the day of the hair color, avoid shampoo and wash your hair with cold water.

2. Avoid hot water:

A hot shower is always loved but do you know it strips your hair and moisture of the skin. Besides, hot water also makes hair color look very dull. For healthy and shiny hair, lower the temperature and also reduce the number of times you wash your hair every week. Avoid applying shampoo to the length of your hair since it can strip your color and also dry out your hair. Your hair will stay clean and your color will last longer.

3. Avoid hot tools:

 In the first week avoid hot tools as much as you can. Staying away from your hot tools prevent the color from fading. Your blow dryer, straightener, styler speeds up the process of color fading. We understand these tools add glam but for your color you need to hold these appliances.

4. Prep Your Hair before Coloring

It is recommended to use chelating shampoo before you go for hair color. This will help you to remove styling product build-up. Besides, you should use a deep-conditioning mask once a week to put hydration back in the hair. Moist hair helps you to lock the color for long time.

5. Try a Shower Filter

 Shower filter will remove chemicals, chlorine, and minerals from your shower water. Hard water strips your hair’s color and natural oils; these filters minimize color rinsing down the drain.

Add color to your life and lock it with the help of the above-mentioned tips. Don’t forget to call at home professional salon services.

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