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5 Social Media Strategies That Can Work Wonders for Your SEO Rankings

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Social Media has become more than just a means to connect with people and post pretty pictures. It has now revolutionized the lives of businesses that are using it to reach more potential customers.

Getting ranked highly on search engines is another story. According to Google, your social media likes, followers, tweets do not have any direct impact on how your website will rank organically in the search engine.

However, Social media and SEO have a connection that goes beyond the numbers. It may not influence your rankings straight away, but it is a tool that works its magic behind the curtain by bringing traffic to your website. More traffic to your website implies credibility to Google, which ultimately leads to better ranking.

Here are 5 strategies that you can apply to your social media tools that can boost your SEO rankings.

  1. Content is the King: – Having engaging, exceptional, entertaining, and exclusive content for your social media is a factor that can take your SEO game up a notch. The trick is that your content should be both informative as well as compact. Experts recommend 40-50 characters to be the appropriate length of the content on social media. Generally, people tend to avoid posts that require a lot of reading. The originality of the content is another aspect that can grab the attention of the users.
  2. Build brand and Raise Awareness: – Social Media is a wonderful tool to create awareness of your brand. As is popularly said, “Your brand is not what you say it is. It’s what Google says it is.” Social Media can help you achieve your goal of reaching a broader audience. A good social media presence is believed to boost customer satisfaction and better sales which leads to more traffic to your website.
  3. Use Relevant Keywords: – Keywords have a significant correlation with SEO. Properly research the keywords you want to rank on and are related to your business. Using them in your social media posts can have a far-reaching effect on your SEO. Hashtags are an incredible way to introduce relevant keywords to your social content. Make sure that your tags and post are in sync with each other. A post on bags and hashtags about haircare is not going to work.
  4. Optimize Your Posts: – Social Media is all about visual treats and dazzling pictures. Posting dull and bland images is not going to attract customers. At the same time, filling your content with weird multi-colors can also be a major letdown for potential customers who might be interested in your business. Have a color palette that is specific to your posts so that the users associate those colors with your brand. It improves engagement of your content which can benefit by increasing the traffic to your site.
  5. Create Opportunities for Building Links: – The content you post may captivate other people who like what you are posting and be impressed enough to want to link your website. There is no denying that backlinks are a golden key to getting ranked higher in search engines. They are an important part of SEO. Worthy content spreads like wildfire on social media, so focus on posting trending topics or search for topics you think there is not enough information about. People are hungry for amazing content, so make sure you keep feeding it to them.

All the strategies and tips may sound intimidating if you are new to this. Mr. Edlyne has a team that tackles your digital marketing woes and offers you top-level and excellent services. Get in touch with us so that you don’t have to worry about your rankings and social media campaigns.

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