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How To Choose The Right Water Purifier for your home

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When it comes to your family there is no room for impulsive decisions. So why be lineate in choosing the right water purifier for your family? It may sound quite simple but there are a lot of factors that you need to consider before saying yes to any water purifier.

The water purifier that you choose depends on the quality of the water you receive in the area. Besides, you need to consider the price, the technologies used and read the water purifier reviews before making the final decision. So if you are planning to buy the best water purifier in Kashmir, here is a mini-guide for you. Scroll down and read more.

1. Water Quality:

The most important factor which you need to check is water quality. If the water in your area has a high TDS level, hardness and salinity, you need to opt for an RO water purifier. Edlyne ventures help you with FREE water testing. Our professional executives will provide you with water testing report. Remember, RO water purifiers come with a semi-permeable membrane through which even minute salts and dirt is removed.

2. Types of Water Purifiers:

In the market, you can find various water purification technologies. It is important to understand different purifier technologies before making any decision.

Depending on the water quality and budget, you can choose between RO, UV, and UF (gravity-based) water purifiers. Here are few types of water purifiers:

  • Gravity based water purifier:

These water purifiers do not require power to operate. These budget-friendly purifiers use gravity-based technology if the TDS level in your area is low. The drinking water from these purifiers is free from bacteria, dust and chlorine.

  • RO Water Purifiers:

These water purifiers are ideal for areas that have high TDS levels. RO water purifiers help in eliminating heavy metals, fluoride, arsenic, and other toxic impurities from water. There is one important thing that you need to keep in mind for water purifiers and that is RO purifiers also help in removing some of the essential minerals from water, which makes it important to ensure that the water purifier has a TDS controller.

  • UV water Purifiers: 

These water purifiers make use of a high-power UV lamp through which water gets disinfected. UV water purifiers are ideal for purifying tap and municipal corporation water. 

3. Look for Storage Capacity:

Storage capacity is the most important feature that you should take into account while buying a water purifier. If your residential area is prone to power cuts, you must go for a water purifier with the highest storage capacity. 

4. Make sure to have Certifications:

Before saying yes to any random purifier don’t forget to check certification from the brand. Certifications ensure the reliability and authenticity of the brand. Edlyne provides quality certification to the buyers.

5. See if the brand is providing maintenance and after Sales Services:

In the end, make sure the water purifier company provides you with maintenance and after-sales services. Your purifier needs frequent maintenance services and the company should provide it for you. Check the reviews online and make the best buy.

Those were some of the important factors that you need to deem when looking for a water purifier. We, at Edlyne provide water purifiers that provide you with pure and healthy drinking water. Contact us today!

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