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Gardening for Small Spaces: Here are Some Amazing Tips and Ideas

gardening for small spaces

Our lives are a constant battle that we are trying to win. We deserve every bit of normalcy and relaxation that we can get our hands on at home. Getting our hands dirty with soil under our nails, watching a sapling grow, and observing it turn into a beautiful plant is a satisfaction that most of us crave.

However, oftentimes, we are unable to go ahead with the plan because of the misconception that we need large spaces to have our garden. We are apprehensive about whether our small backyard, patio, or even a balcony is enough to achieve our dream of having an area to grow and relax.

But here I am, to tell you that buckle up and let’s learn about some ways to have your own “Escape from the Stress Garden” without having to worry about lack of space.

  1. Vertical Gardening: – Vertical Garden is a way of growing plants on a wall or roof. If you are short of space, Vertical Gardening is both convenient as well as aesthetically pleasing. It can be an incredible option to grow edible plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, and melons. Another advantage of having a vertical garden is that it is extremely low maintenance. You can consult a professional gardener that helps you achieve the vision.
  1. Layers upon Layers: – Layers is another idea that you can go with if you have limited space and too much to grow. You need high-quality, organic, and nutritious soil to have a healthy reap. You can raise the level and create a slanting effect to make it appear denser than it actually is. Begin at the ground with small herbs and start increasing the size with the height. The bonus point is that they look absolutely stunning.
  1. Strike a Balance: – If you are planning to have your own mini-garden on your patio or balcony, then you need to make sure that there is a perfect balance between your furniture and the plants. The greenery shouldn’t overpower the outdoorsy items of furniture you have kept to relax and enjoy a book with a cup of coffee. You wouldn’t want the foliage to poke you and come in the way in and out. Don’t go overboard with the plants.
  1. Build a DIY Terrarium: – Terrarium is a cute piece of art that you can create at home and decorate the indoors with. If you do not have an outdoor area, a terrarium is your shot at having your smaller version of a garden. Building it does not require a lot of materials and is very easy to do. It is a relaxing way of letting out your inner creative beast, and don’t hesitate to go crazy with it. Just have fun with it and do whatever you like.
  1. Grow Plants That You Can Use: – You can have a small vegetable garden by growing medicinal or edible plants. It will give you access to fresh organic herbs and medicines like oregano, mint, coriander, aloe Vera, and basil. These are easy to grow, useful, and natural. You can grow these indoors as well. There is no need to have an outdoor space for a vegetable garden. These plants fill your house with an earthy minty aroma that instantly calms down your nerves.

If you want to enliven your space, you can add decorative pieces like a hammock, string lights, or rugs to give it a more homey and complete look. Mr. Edlyne has a bunch of gardening professionals under its umbrella that you can contact to have a complete garden look.

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