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Easy Tips to Maintain Your RO Water Purifier At Home

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Having clean water to drink shouldn’t be luxury but a necessity that all of us should have easy access to. A good quality water purifier is a blessing that makes it convenient for us to have pure water to drink. It prevents serious health issues by removing the presence of contaminants.

The advancement in technology hasn’t left water purification process untouched. From water softeners to ultra-filtration to reverse osmosis systems, water filters have evolved considerably.

With RO water purifiers bringing a storm in the water purification system, a good quality RO purifier can cost a little fortune. So, it should become a prerequisite to maintain and clean it on a regular basis to ensure durability of the machine for a longer period.

Now-a-days, RO purifiers have upgraded from three-four stages to eight-nine stages of purification. The stages include Pre-filter, Sediment, Active Carbon, RO Membrane, Post Carbon, UF, UV, and Alkaline. They need extra care and attention than regular RO purifiers. These are some easy tips you can follow to maintain your RO water purifier at home.

  1. The Sediment Filter Needs a Change: – The first step in the water purification is removing sand, sediments, and residue from water. It protects the RO membrane which may get serious damage if the filters are not changed regularly. It is advised to change your filter after every six to nine months depending upon the quality of water you have in your area to maintain a longer life of the purifier.
  2.  Replace the Carbon Filter: – The job of carbon filter is to remove chlorine and other contaminants from the water that has passed through the sediment filter. It makes sure that the water is further purified and does not have foul smell or taste. Replacement of the carbon filter after 12 months is generally advised.
  3. The RO Membrane Needs to be replaced: – The RO membrane is a semi-permeable membrane that forms the main component of the RO purifier. The malfunctioning of the membrane can impact the purpose of the purifier which is to remove harmful and poisonous chemicals like lead, arsenic etc. from the water. It is recommended to change once in two to three years.
  4. Clean The Water Tank: – The water tank of your purifier should be sanitized once every year to guarantee longevity of the filter and get rid of microbes. There are manual kits available readily in the market that you can use yourself to clean the tank. If you are skeptical about doing it manually, calling a professional is always a better option.
  5. Clean the Exterior Body: – The cleaner your purifier exterior is, the more long-lasting it will be.  You can wash it along with the tap with soap regularly. You don’t need any specific device or cleaning agent to wash off the dust and dirt.
  6. Get it Professionally Maintained: – As mentioned earlier, a regular maintenance call to a skilled expert for a professional cleanup is a must. They can deep clean it a way it needs to make sure there are not any issues in the long term. Get it serviced after every 6 months to a year.

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