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5 Easy Home Design Tips For Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency

Did you know that according to a survey conducted in 2018, out of 360,000 villages in India, 5,000 villages did not have an electric connection? The electricity you can’t imagine your life without. We have become so comfortable with all the basic amenities we are provided with that we often forget that there are people for whom getting to switch on a fan after a hard day is still a luxury.

The world’s natural resources are already on the brink of exhaustion, fresh water and oil being the worst hit. Hydropower amounted to about 17% of total electricity produced in 2020. Electricity bills are touching new heights of high with an increase in the power rates.

People are looking for ways to cut down their bills that are taking more than half of their monthly earnings. During these tough times of inflation, reducing your regular consumption of electricity seems to be the only option to reduce the never-ending bills.

Besides the reduction in usage, you can bring a plethora of minute changes to your home that can show enormous results leading to energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency is often misled and believed to be a process that requires effort, money, and energy. I am here to break this chain of misconception and share with you some easy tips that you can implement to have an energy-efficient space.

  1. Paint your world cozier not once, but twice: – Painting your home is not as expensive and difficult as you think it is. Light colors like white and yellow brighten up your space and are the best choice to paint your walls with during summers. It can both lighten up as well as chill out your home causing you to use less electricity. In winters, darker tones can warm up your home, adding a pleasant feeling of comfort and cozy.
  2. Smart Lights for the Smart You: – Replacing your regular bulbs with LED bulbs can work wonders for your goal of achieving an energy-efficient home. LEDs can save you up to 40% on energy costs. Advances in technology have led to quality smart bulbs that emit light similar to incandescent bulbs but at cheaper prices. It’s a 3-in-1 win as you get the warm glow, reduced cost, and save energy. How amazing is that!
  3. Sometimes, protection against breezy air is attractive: – Those tiny crevices in your windows and doors that let cold air in during winters can be frustrating. Insulating the gaps is an easy-peasy task and can instantly raise the temperature by trapping the heat and preventing the cold air from entering. You can use plastic sheets or bubble wraps to insulate. These are readily available and can up to 15% of energy costs.
  4. Carpets complete your abode: – Soft rugs and carpets lock the heat in winters trapping it inside making you feel less cold. Hard floors are harsh for winters cooling down the temperature of your home. It is the most convenient easiest and efficient way of saving energy that requires you to do the bare minimum and yields long-term satisfaction. You can purchase a carpet that is not too heavy on your pocket and matches your overall décor.
  5. Old is Not Gold anymore: – Your outdated appliances consume an enormous amount of energy. Investing in energy-efficient appliances can save you big chunks of money over the years that can benefit you in the long run. They take much lesser energy. Also, keep in mind to unplug your appliances if not in use. Only switching them off is not going to work. These can save energy as well as have low bills to pay.

The tips mentioned above sound simpler but can have a huge impact on your goal of having energy efficiency. Changes begin at home. These small individual changes will ultimately unite together to make an energy-efficient world and have a safer and better environment for generations to come. Mr. Edlyne helps you achieve these goals without complicating them for you. We are there for every need and every query. Feel free to contact us to get your services and products delivered to the comfort of your home.

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