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Renovating a House on a Budget: 7 Affordable Remodeling Ideas

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“Home is where the heart is” is a mantra that has been going on for years and still stands true. As adults, we are deeply impacted by the kind of childhood we had and the memories it possesses. We are shaped and molded into the person we are because of our memories that share a deeply rooted connection with our home. It becomes a safe haven where we feel that no harm can touch us.

Over time it grows old with us, protecting our memories, our achievements, our scars, our secrets, and our journeys. It becomes an inseparable part of us that holds us.

However, we often forget that it needs our attention and care once in a while. Renovations can revive the charm of your home and bring it back to its glory. Although renovating your house can put a serious dent in your pockets, there are a plethora of options that are both budget-friendly as well as effective.

  1. Update your Kitchen Counter-tops: – Your kitchen is where your family unites for the good or worse. Those old-fashioned counter-tops can mess with your idea of having a renovated home. Depending upon the amount you are ready to spend, you can choose from the various options available. If you are running tight on budget, painting your counter-tops is more appropriate. Replacing them altogether is another alternative you can go for. If granite seems expensive, there are cheaper options available like limestone, quartz, slate, etc. that do a similar or a much better job than granite.
  2. Wrap your bedroom in wallpaper: – Staring at the same walls in your room when feeling low may sometimes give you a sense of comfort, but there are times when change is what we need in life. Change from our daily life, change from our usual routine. A beautiful wallpaper to cover your walls can be a blessing in disguise that uplifts your mood and adds class and chicness to your old bedroom. If you want to put extra effort, you can paint some of the walls and fix wallpaper on some.
  3. More Cabinets in your Washroom: – More the storage for you to store your medicines, beauty essentials, and other accessories, more it is better. Renovating the other parts of your house and letting your washroom which is an essential part of your abode stay the same hideous space is the worst thing you can do. Adding a cabinet can take care of the extra stuff that is usually lying on the counter giving you a clean and clear area in your washroom. They also add life to your washroom.
  4.  Adorn your Floor with a New Flooring: – Your floor is the first thing your feet touch when you step inside a house. A shabby and worn-out carpet can ruin the impression of your place and leave a nasty feeling in the minds of your guests. Here again, based on your budget you can either wash your existing carpet if you think it’s still worthy enough or buy a new one. Wooden flooring is another option you have. They give your house a complete and homey feel warming it up from within.
  5.  Switch your Outdated Appliances with the Modern Ones: – Continuing to use your old appliances is a terrible idea. It consumes more electricity than the modern ones with advanced technology. Replacing your appliances can save you a lot of electricity, labor as well as be icing on the cake of your goal of changing the look of your home.
  6. Light Fixtures that take your Breath Away: – Imagine walking into your living room and finding a breath-taking mighty light fixture hanging in the middle of it. It gives a sense of awe and wonder making your house a desirable place and creating a vibrant and jubilant feeling. Your previous light fixtures may look passable to you and they can make or break the look of your area. If the lighting system of your home is not up-to-date and at par with your other renovations, it may look dingy.
  7. Curtains for the Final Push: – New color and new fabric that matches the overall vibe and scheme you have been desiring to achieve should be your next and final step. Make sure to choose curtains that do not look tacky and over-the-top by taking special care of your color palette. It gives your room a luxurious feel. They act as a barrier between you and the outside world, so select the one wisely without going overboard by trying to impress.

All these changes can be overwhelming to think. Mr. Edlyne is a team of professionals and experts that holds your hand and leads you to the path of achieving a fully renovated house. We here at Mr. Edlyne change your dream into reality helping you attain your endeavors.

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