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A Beginner’s Guide to Fashionable Color-Coordinated Outfits

color coordination

Waking up and getting ready to take over the world is a battle we fight every day. There is nothing as attractive as an outfit that is in sync and makes us look the best version of ourselves. Dressing up has become less of a means to cover and more of a way to express ourselves.

However, picking a different outfit every morning is a struggle on its own. Knowing how to mix and match is a baffling task that we have to do day in and day out. It confuses the hell out of us what to wear to the office or a night out with friends.

Let’s not get started on the devil that is Color Coordination. It needs a clear understanding of the color to know the ones that go well together and those that don’t. You need to be persistent and patient to become a pro at color coordination.

Here, I have laid down some basics and information so that you get a head start on where to begin on Color-Coordinated Outfits and Look Fashionable.

  1. Color Wheel: – If you google “how to color-coordinate,” the most widely seen concept is of Color Wheel. Remember you read it in school? Yeah, that one. Color wheels have been an absolute favorite and a go-to solution for the coordination woes of many. You don’t need to tell me that you have completely forgotten about it. So, let me brush up on your memory on Color Wheels.

The Color Wheel has three primary colors – Red, Blue, and Yellow. Mixing any of the two primary colors creates secondary colors.

Red mixed with Blue gives Violet.

Red mixed with yellow gives Orange.

Blue mixed with yellow gives Green.

These secondary colors, when mixed with primary colors create tertiary colors. To make it more clear, you can consult the color wheel chart.

color wheel

Now you must be wondering, what does an attractive and coordinated outfit has got to do with a school concept? Well, if you don’t know where to start on wearing different colored outfits, consult a color wheel.

Complementary colors are opposite each other and can create a bold look making you look chic.

Analogous colors are right next to each other and can help you when you are not so sure about wearing loud colors.

You need to be cautious as some hues may go well together, while others may be hurtful to the eyes.

  • 3-Color Rule: – It is the technique of wearing and combining only three colors per outfit. Black and White don’t add, since they are not technically colors. If you are a beginner and mixing too many colors is scary to you, then this rule can be a relief. You can also use different shades of monochromatic colors if you don’t know how to introduce brighter shades in your outfits for a more put-together look. I have some color recommendations to guide you so that you have a clearer idea of the rule, especially if you are a beginner.

Light Blue + White + Dark Blue

White + Grey + Black

Dark Grey + White + Dark Green

3 Different Shades of Beige.

Rust + Ivory + Blue

  • Color Blocking: – Color Blocking is a trend that involves combining bright colors to create a strong eye-catching look. A bit of color has never harmed anybody. It adds life to your bland outfit and makes it pop. There are various ways by which you can go with color blocking.

My personal favorite is different shades of the same color family. You can use the color wheel explained above to get an idea about the various combinations and you can play with the colors as you like. Some recommendations are

Red + Pink

Bottle Blue + Green

Orange + Yellow

Military Green + Pink

Yellow + Powder Blue

Lavender + Red

Monochromatic hues is another incredible option that you can try. Mixing different brighter colors can be intimidating. This is where monochromes come to the rescue. Monochromatic shades are a perfect blend of elegance, trendy and classy.

For an outfit to look attractive, it needs to be immaculately fit. A poorly fitted ensemble, no matter how color coordinated it is, is bound to look tasteless and trashy. Mr. Edlyne offers boutique services that make your outfit snug and fit you like a glove.

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