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6 Signs Your House Needs Rewiring

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It takes years of effort, planning, and savings for us to create a space for ourselves that we can call ‘Home.’ It’s our haven that goes down generation after generation hiding memories and secrets in every nook and corner.

On the other hand, in recent times, there has been a rapid increase in house fire accidents more than 40% of which are claimed to be caused by faulty electrical fittings. These sudden accidental fires have ruined more houses than anything else.   

Electricity has become such a vital component of our existence that we cannot even visualize our life without it. However, sometimes it may face some issues that need to be resolved at the earliest to prevent loss of lives and property.

The electrical wiring that supplies power to the whole house needs to be replaced in case you witness any of these signs to keep yourself and your family safe and sound.

  1. Your Lights are Blinking: – Your flickering lights are the first warning bell that you should not ignore. Generally, this may happen due to a faulty bulb but a constant flicker may be due to an underlying issue of damaged wires. If you are facing the issue, you must call an experienced electrician who will do rewiring of your house to ward off the fear of a short circuit.
  2. Your Fuses are blowing: – More than half of our daily activities are dependent on electricity. The appliances and devices we use cannot work without a regular power supply. This puts a lot of pressure on our house fuse which is not made to handle the voltage needed for the smooth working of the devices. It may keep on blowing if the wires are not updated.
  3. Your House is Ancestral: – The wiring in the properties that are over 30-40 years old is generally old and needs your immediate attention. They cannot hold the pressure of modern technologies that need high voltages of power. So, get your sockets, outlets, and everything electrical checked by a professional to stop some serious damage from happening.
  4. Your Outlets are Turning Brown: – Your outlets getting discolored is a major alarm that you should keep your attention to. This generally occurs as a result of a loose wire that causes tiny sparks which trigger a small fire leading to the browning of the switches. This is why you need to Buzz the electrician and get your house rewired.
  5. Your House Smells Of Burning: – If your house interminably smells of burning and you can’t figure out the origin, it is time to call a professional. A constant faint burning smell is another sign of electric short happening that you are unaware of. Turning a blind eye to the smell can put you and your family in harm’s way.
  6. Your Sockets Are Giving Electric Shocks: – If you are experiencing electric shocks every time you plug any device into the socket, get your hands on a qualified professional without any further delay as your house needs rewiring. Shocks of any scale are no joke and pose a serious life threat if you have kids around.

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