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6 Signs That Your Water Filter Needs Service

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Who doesn’t want clean, healthy, filtered water?

We all have some type of water filter connected to the water main doing what it’s supposed to do; providing us with clean and safe water for drinking. But it also needs timely service; it’s a machine after all! Judicious replacement of filters and membranes is very vital for ensuring 100% uncontaminated and safe drinking water. Nowadays, service providers offer RO services at home in Kashmir.

Water filters have a defined lifespan (number of gallons or months of use) but in some cases, you may have to replace your water filter sooner. But how can you tell that your water filter needs service?

Don’t worry! This post is to give you an understanding of when to replace the filters and membranes of your water purifier. These 11 signs indicate that your water filter needs a replacement.

1. Odour-

Odours or bad smell like chlorine or sulphur (rotten egg smell); in your drinking water can come from various sources. But if your smell it in the water from the filter, you probably need a filter replacement.

2. Metallic Taste-

Hard Water! You guessed it right!

It can be caused by the build-up of minerals such as calcium, magnesium leaving a scaly build-up in your water filter. Therefore, if you get this metallic taste in your filtered water, then it’s probably the sign of getting your purifier serviced.

3. Slow Filtering Speed-

For RO purifiers, if the filters are not working properly it could take anywhere up to 6 hours to fill a standard-sized tank whereas if the filters are new, then it should only take the usual 2-4 hours to fill.

If your water purifier is taking a lifetime to filter water when it used to be comparatively fast, it’s likely ready to be cleaned or changed over.

4. High TDS Level-

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) level decides whether your water purifier needs a filter replacement or not. This test is done using a TDS monitor. For RO purifiers, the general rule of thumb one can use is the 80% rule as a guide to check the appropriate time to replace filters. The rule is-

If your RO filter is removing 80% or more TDS from your tap water, then you need not go for a filter replacement. But if the TDS level of the filtered water falls below 80% then you must go for the replacement.

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5. Slippery Water-

When rubbing some of the tap water between your fingers if your find it to be slippery, it usually means the water is soft i.e. it contains higher levels of sodium and potassium. But if feel the same even after filtering it, it means that your filter is not doing its job and that it needs to be replaced.

6. Low Water Pressure-

If you notice that your reverse osmosis system is producing lower water pressure than normal tap water pressure, then it may be a sign that your filters have become bunged up and need to be changed.

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