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6 benefits which you can enjoy on hiring at-home professional beauty services

Salon at Home

We’ve all had those lazy days when we don’t feel like stepping out of the house, especially in harsh weather but what about your facial appointment? Are you going to wait?

If you are the one who is hoping for hassle-free pampering treatments from the comfort of your home, then all you need to do is get the Mr Edlyne app and book experienced and trusted beauty professionals to fulfill all your hair, makeup and skincare needs. Booking at- home professionals have its own perks and benefits; read this blog and get to know what you are missing.

1. Save your precious time

Salon at home

Do you have a tight schedule and have little time to spare for salon visits? With at-home beauty services you get a chance to save great deal of time and travel expenses too. During this wedding season look a complete Diva and get a makeover from the comfort of your own home. Say goodbye to heavy traffic jams and let the professionals add stars to your big day.

2. Matchless comfort 

Get your favorite book, play your preferred music and blend that familiar home aura with the professional salon services.  Mr Edlyne provides you with at-home beauty services where you can enjoy makeover from the unparallel comfort of your home.

3. Enjoy your Post treatment TLC

There are a lot of beauty treatments, such as waxing, body scrubs, oil massages, etc, where you feel sticky. At parlor you don’t get that comfort and you just can’t hop into the shower instantly. But home is a place where comfort is… Book your appointment today!

4. Take pleasure of relaxed services

When you allow professional services to home you get more attention. At a salon, there are 10 more appointments to take care of after you. The therapist isn’t in a rush to finish your treatment. There won’t be any external disturbance it is only you who will be on priority.

5. Extended therapies


The major reason we opt for a massage is to relax and rejuvenate completely. That said, how often have you hated getting up after a relaxing massage, when all you want to do is slip into a deep slumber? Well, we believe always. At home enjoy effortless prolonged therapies as you deserve both peace to heart and peace to mind.

6. Pampering treatments with friends

Let’s confess it, we love gossiping while getting a mani-pedi with our friends. At the salon your salty gossips can be hindered by other nosy clients. With at-home beauty services which you can book online at Mr Edlyne, you can call your BFFs over, get your nails done while gossiping and chilling with masala tea or your favorite brew.

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