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5 Modest Outfit Ideas to Look Attractive This Summer

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The world of Fashion is so dynamic that changes are inevitable and bound to happen. Trends come and go, so holding on to your sense of style can be an intimidating task. Your signature look, however, gives you originality and an upper hand over your peers.

Dressing up is not just about wearing trendy clothes. It is a way of speaking without saying a word at all.  So, choose a particular trend or style out of the plethora of options that express you in the best way possible.

The term “Modest Fashion” started being widely used in 2017 when women addressed the desire to look fashionable without revealing skin. Many women connected to the concept, though initially, Muslims were the only ones in favor of wearing a modest outfit.  

The idea of Modest Fashion can be very subjective, with some restricted to just wearing conservative clothes while others prefer to cover their head with a hijab. You should be capable enough to experiment with different styles, patterns, colors, and trends to pick out ‘The Style.’

Here, I have mentioned 5 different modest outfit ideas that can guide you so that you look your attractive best this and every summer.  

  • Palazzo Pants: – Our Summer Dream is to wear baggy loose clothes without having to worry about looking outmoded. The first-ever woman to wear palazzos was The Fashion Icon Coco Chanel in the early 1920s, but these became widely popular in the 1970s. Palazzos are a gift bestowed on us that is class and comfort personified. You can pair it up with a simple black or white tee and you will be good to go. They are a relief from their denim alternative which can be itchy and irritable during hot and sweaty summers. You can play with colors if you want to.
  • Maxi Dresses: – Maxi dresses are a breath of fresh air that can exude elegance fulfilling your goal of not showing skin without making you feel uneasy or edgy at the same time. Summery maxi dresses are the perfect fit for the girl in you that covers your body as well as looks cute. They are loose-fitted and are easy-breezy to wear. You can always wear a camisole top under if you are afraid of your dress being see-through. You can play with the prints like floral, stripes, solid colors, or go all glittery, and designs according to your taste. The best part of the maxi dresses is that they can be the most versatile piece of outfit you own. Be it a trip to the grocery store or a casual day at the office or a wedding – A Maxi Dress Is An Answer To All.
  • Maxi Skirts: – If you need a break from maxi dresses, skirts can be your savior. An equally comfortable option that can be worn anywhere. It’s generally made with flowy fabrics like cotton and polyester that reach your ankles and is a great addition to your modest fashion wardrobe. Skirts have been a part of the fashion world since ancient times and have had their share of journeys to reach the style we know now.
  • Long Cardigans: – A long cardigan can elevate the overall look of your modest outfit. They look both chic and modest while making you look sharp and professional. Nowadays, fashion is all about comfort and a cardigan is another name for cozy. You can wear it over high-waisted trousers and a turtleneck top to appear trendy, fancy, and in vogue.
  • Monochromatic Colors: – Picking up the colors that suit your skin tone can be confusing. If you are new to this and have no clue where to start, begin with a single color. You can pick a basic color that you think matches your vibe and then choose different shades of that color. It can help you look confident and modest too. You can complete your look with some jewelry that brings bling and glamor to your look.

You can try one or all of the ideas I have mentioned and choose what you like according to your preference. You can find multiple designs on the internet and get them stitched as you want. Mr. Edlyne offers boutique services that are well versed with the latest designs and trends. Your wish is our command. Get in touch with us to get a wide range of offers and deals on various styles.

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