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5 luxury bathroom design trends that will overpower in 2022

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Bathrooms have now become less of a necessity and more of a relaxing retreat to show off our luxurious taste. The pandemic and staying indoors made all of us retrospect that our home in general and bathroom in particular desperately needs a makeover.  So, all of us planned on joining the “Bathroom Renovation Club.”

The obstacles start to arise when we don’t know where to begin with. There is so much we want to do to our tiny little bathrooms. We want our bathroom to look trendy but not tacky. At the same time, let’s not forget bathrooms are meant to be practical. So, you wouldn’t want your bathroom to look like a mess of luxurious designs.

To help you get a clearer vision and make it easier for you to pick out the best option, we have compiled a list of 5 trendy designs that will guide you towards having a luxurious bathroom.

  1. White is the New Black: – You can never go wrong with white. The best part about the color is that it never goes out of style. It will never stop looking trendy despite all the trends going in or out of fashion. So, you won’t have to worry about renovating after every few years just because the craze for a particular style has faded away. You can add life to the monotonous color by adding little sparks of color in the form of colorful rugs or towels. Plants in the corners of your luxury bathroom are another way to add color that looks lively and beautiful.
  2. Vintage is the New Modern: – Vintage appears as fancy as it sounds. As someone who loves antiques and classics, vintage sanitary ware in the bathroom is my personal favorite. They exude elegance and class while being practical. Vintage faucets, fixtures, sink basins, cisterns, and bathtubs with intricate details and patterns can be high-key breathtaking. There is nothing that screams luxurious and regality as loudly as a mirror with golden detailing. If you own a statement piece of rug that is hidden somewhere in your closet, now is the good time to put it to good use and complete your vintage luxury bathroom.
  3. Spathroom is the New Bathroom: – Gone are the days when the spa was a treatment you could get once in a while and that too after visiting a salon. Your ordinary bathroom can be turned into your Zen with ‘Spathroom’ with just the right materials and items. Scented candles are proven to reduce anxiety and lift moods. Having a scented candle that you can burn while having a soaking bath in a bathtub is a relaxing reward you can gift yourself after a hard day. Add shelves to declutter and organize your stuff which can be soothing in its own way. Better is if you hide your toiletries than keep them on display.
  4. Wet Room is the New Trend: – An area dedicated to showering and bathing separated by screen doors? Heck, yes! Wet rooms are classy and every synonym of it. Just make sure to get it designed and built by professionals. A small mistake or error can transform this masterpiece into an architectural blunder. Wet rooms are a great idea if you want to transform your small bathroom space into a luxury bathroom. You can have partitions that can create space for you.
  5. Bold is the New Beautiful: – If you are someone who loves colors, then you can play with multiple hues that ooze opulence. Bright-colored tiles are no longer the thing of the past. This needs attention to detail so that you add the right amount of color and the right tones without appearing loud.

Out of the ideas and designs mentioned, you may have found your taste and style. A call to the experts of Mr. Edlyne is all you need to give wings to your dreams.

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