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4 Reasons Why You Should Drink Filtered Water to Lose Weight

Filtered Water For Weight Loss

The Internet is filled with tips and tricks on losing weight within months or even weeks. However, weight loss is a journey that requires conviction, dedication, consistency, and time. There is neither a trick nor a magic drink to getting healthier and fitter.

Water has always been more than a means to quench thirst. It removes toxins from our body and its deficiency can cause a plethora of health-related issues like dehydration which can worsen into a heatstroke.

There has been a dilemma surrounding the fact whether water is truly beneficial for reducing weight or is just an old wives tale. I am here to demystify it for you by presenting reasons why you should start consuming liters of filtered water to make your weight loss efforts work well.

  1. Water Kills Your Hunger: – Water before meals can effectively reduce your food intake as it acts as an appetite suppressant. The desire to snack at odd times can be a disaster for your attempt at becoming fit. Drinking water is the best solution to put a stop to your cravings and snacking as it suppresses your hunger giving you a sense of fullness. You need to stay hydrated all the time as it assists the body in performing its bodily functions smoothly. It makes you eat less and not keep munching mindlessly. It is better to consume filtered water than tap water which is not cleaned enough.
  2. Water Detoxifies Your Body: – Our body produces toxic waste daily which needs to be removed from the body. Drinking an adequate amount of water facilitates the process and makes it easier for your body to cleanse itself. Filtered water is like a cherry on top as it limits the intake of toxins since an RO filter gets rid of chemical substances and metals that are detrimental to you. It eliminates the toxins from your kidneys, liver, digestive system, skin, and lungs which can harm your health considerably. The faster the waste is eliminated from the body, the quicker the nutrients are broken down, and ultimately, the rapid is your weight loss journey.
  3. Water Reduces Your Liquid Calorie Intake: – Beverages such as juice, soda, tea, and coffee are filled with high levels of calories that turn into fat. Fat is something that you don’t want if you want to stay fit. As soda cannot replace water due to the lack of hydrating properties, it does more harm than good. Avoiding these beverages can protect you from numerous ailments while curbing your calorie intake at the same time. You can add lemon, ginger, or even green tea to give it a flavor so that you can enjoy the drink.
  4. Water Burns Your Fat Faster: – Our body breaks down fat to convert it into energy by hydrolysis through a process called lipolysis. Water is an essential component of this process which makes it easier to burn fat. For losing weight, you must drink enough water that the fat stored inside your body is burnt rapidly. It has been found that dehydration may slow down the fat-burning activity causing the fat to get stored in your body.

Proper diet and regular workouts along with adequate water are crucial for becoming a healthier and improved version of yourself. Several studies have proven that water accelerates the process and helps in weight loss. Make sure that you drink enough water daily. Carry a bottle of filtered water with you, so that you are not tempted to buy carbonated sodas or other varieties of beverages from the store. The bonus point is that filtered water tastes better than tap water so it works in your favor as well. All you need is to be persistent for this to work for you!

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